SISMER streamlines research and access to data collected on board French research vessels by offering unique access to various types of data:

  • - Marine Geology Bank of Brest (BGMB)
  • The BGMB gathers the sample descriptions and the geological data (analyzes) relating to the samples taken by the Ifremer teams and / or means or stored at Ifremer:

  • - sampling campaigns at sea ;
  • - observation and sampling stations: position, type of observation and sampling (submersible, drilling, dredging);
  • - description and place of storage of samples ;
  • - analyzes performed on the samples.
  • The samples are taken during the oceanographic campaigns by different types of tools used: skips, dredges, corers, drilling, sampling in submersible.

  • - Geophysics bank
  • The types of archived data are gravimetry, magnetism, single and multibeam bathymetry, lateral sonar and multibeam sounder imagery, seismic reflection

  • - Banque de Physique-Chimie
  • The physical oceanography data archived at SISMER concern measurements collected at the fixed point in the ocean (vertical profiles from measurements of the CTD or hydrological samples and time series from current meters, tide gauges or sediment traps) and measurements. collected along the ship route (current data from the hull ADCP and surface temperature and salinity data from thermosalinometers).

    The main parameters measured are the temperature, the salinity, the dissolved oxygen, the nutritive salts, the speed and the components of the current, the level of the water .... The database of the SISMER contains more than 300 parameters physico-bio-chemical.

    The data received in deferred time have been validated and checked by the teams responsible for the collection.

    Meteorological data:

    Meteorological time series archived at SISMER. The data are collected on masts or weather stations set up for French oceanographic experiments. Physico-chemical measurements on the surface of the water can be associated with them (Hydro-Météo stations).

    The main parameters measured are wind direction and speed, air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation.

This portal comes in addition to two tools related to data from the French Oceanographic Fleet (FOF):